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Samsung Focus – Increase Volume through Diagnosis Codes – xda-developers

22 Feb
Increase your default volume. (Confirmed working now!! )
*#0002*28346# or *#0002*28345#
Click Get under the Device Gain (max/min)
In the first box keep the number 7
In the second box put 16000
In the third box put 0
Click Set
Click Start

Click the home button.
Restart your phone. To verify the setting took click the get button and it should show your values.

If *#0002*28346# does not work for you try *#0002*28345#


Samsung Focus – Working SD Cards List – xda-developers

22 Feb

Confirmed Working(Data remains after soft reset):

Centon 8GB Class 6

Kingston 4GB Class 4
Kingston 16GB Class 4

Microcenter 16GB Class 2

Patriot 16GB Class 2

PNY 8GB Class 4
PNY 16GB Class 2

SanDisk 8GB Class 2
SanDisk 16GB Class 4

Currently Unstable/Unsure:
Kingston 8GB Class 4
Kingston 32GB Class 4
SanDisk 16GB Class 2
SanDisk 32GB Class 2

Confirmed Not Working(Data gone after soft reset):

A-Data 4GB Class 6
A-Data 8GB Class 6
A-Data 16GB Class 6

Lexar 16GB Class 6

Transcend 8GB Class 6
Transcend 16GB Class 6

Use with caution, go through the original link.

[REF] Windows Phone – Must Have App List – xda-developers

22 Feb

Must Have App List

Tip: Enable Auto Sim setting for Samsung Focus and Samsung Omnia 7 – xda-developers

22 Feb
Enable Auto Sim setting for Samsung Focus and Samsung Omnia 7

1.From your phone’s dialer dial ##634#. This will launch the Diagnostics screen, which is just another dialing screen.
2.Once there, input 40*047#3
3.Now that you have entered the above-mentioned code, you will see the Confirmation flash as shown in the screenshot (taken on Omnia 7) above. Tap OK.
4.As said in the confirmation message, this will reboot your device.

For MMS Configuration

Samsung Focus – USB Tethering..How To..

22 Feb

•Dial ##634# •In the diagnostics mode that opens up, enter *#7284# in the phone dialer. •Switch to “Modem, Tethered Call” and wait for the phone to restart. •Connect the phone to your PC via USB and wait for the drivers to install. •Go to the settings for the Samsung modem. In Windows 7, this is found in Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center. •Set the number to *99***1#, user name to WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM, and password to CINGULAR1, and connect.

Opera Mobile Ported To Fully Unlocked Windows Phone 7 As Well | xda-developers

22 Feb

Opera Mobile Ported To Fully Unlocked Windows Phone 7 As Well

Opera Mobile Ported To Fully Unlocked Windows Phone 7 As Well

After successfully getting Opera Mini to run on Windows Phone 7, recognized developer ultrashot did it again: as promised, he managed to port Opera Mobile 10. Since this is the Windows Mobile version, it doesn’t support multitouch, and because of limitations for fully native apps in Windows Phone 7, screen rotation doesn’t work either.

What is it?
That’s Opera Mobile 10 initially built for Windows Mobile. I’ve just added an extra layer that makes it running.

Why does it only work on fully unlocked ROMs (like DFT Freedom)? Isn’t developer/interop unlock enough to run it?
Developer unlock will let you install xap. Interop unlock will let inbuilt interop library work. Full unlock will let Opera native exe run.
That means, nothing except Full unlock will help you run it. Don’t ask me about other unlock methods, that’s not something to discuss in this thread.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a fully unlocked ROM before jumping into the forum thread.

Samsung Focus WP7 – Tethering with 64 bit Windows 7 – xda-developers

22 Feb

Idiot-proof Focus Tethering for Dummies

Preparing the Samsung Focus to Tether

  • On the Focus, go to the keypad and dial ##634# and hit call button
  • Diagnostic Keypad will come up
  • Dial *#7284# which will bring up the USB Path Control settings…
  • Chose USB Modem Tethering Call.
  • Plug USB cable into phone and into your PC.
  • Computer will install the drivers automatically (NOTE: You must be online to download the drivers)

Initializing External Samsung Modem

  • Go to Start Menu
  • Type in Modem
  • Click on Modems Tab
  • Select Samsung Mobile Modem
  • Right click on SAMSUNG Mobile Modem icon and click on Properties
  • On the General Tab, click “Change Settings”
  • This will unlock the Advanced Tab where you can input the Extra Initialization Commands
  • Switch to Advanced Tab
  • Type in under Extra Initialization Commands: AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”wap.cingular”
  • Click OK.

Connecting to the Internet

  • Now under the Start Menu type in: Connect to the Internet
  • Click on New Connection
  • Click on Dial Up
  • Into Dial-Up Phone Number, type: *99***1#
  • Into User Name, type: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM
  • Into Password, type: CINGULAR1
  • Into Connection Name, type: Samsung Focus Tether
  • Click Connect

Did not work for me, tried instead of wap.cingular in Modem Initialization commands